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We have prepared a wide range of resources that will help you to prepare your company well to get the appropriate funding support and spend it optimally.

An online portal that brings together entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises with funding entities to obtain appropriate funding, by providing information that helps them make credit decisions and by linking them to relevant government institutions and credit information firms.

•            Expand customer base and access promising areas. 

•            Open competition between funding entities in order to provide appropriate funding offers.

•            Provide easy access to appropriate funding, which means raising the rate of lending and investment, and develop the economy.

•            Save time and effort and reduce financing costs.

They are classified into micro, small, and medium enterprises.

The commercial banks and non-bank funding companies licensed by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.
Participating funding entities  can be viewed via the link.

Yes, the applicant can choose more than one funding entity.

The funding entity can reject the funding request based on its applicable credit policies, provided that it provides the reason for rejection. The rejection reason can be seen by logging into the portal and selecting "Opportunity Details."

Through following the steps outlined in the guideline for submitting a request on the funding portal by "clicking here"

Yes, provided that he has no pending application with the same funding entity.

Initial approval is given within 15 business days if all of the required documents are completed.

The funding need is determined depending on the nature of the activity to be funded, you can apply for a consultation to determine the financing need through Nawafth platform.

Short-term funding is for the purpose of funding working capital (inventory, salaries, expenses). As for long-term funding, it is for the purpose of expansion (purchasing equipment, opening branches, cars).

Cashless funding is for the purpose of issuing guarantees for governmental and semi-government projects or issuing documentary credits to suppliers. An important feature of cashless funding is that it does not require depositing a funding amount into the institution's account.